If you’re into photography and like to read photography blogs, it’s very likely you’ve read several articles about landscapes. Of course, landscapes make for beautiful pictures and every photographer likes to be good at it.

But since most photographers live in large cities, I wanted to do something different: in this article, I want to teach you how to take beautiful cityscapes.

Tip #1: Go for the blue hour

When taking pictures of cities, there are no rules. It’s up to you to find the best place and the best moment to start shooting.

In my opinion, large cities look best at the Blue Hour. That’s the time right before (or after) the Golden Hour. It’s that time when the sky is dark, but there’s still some luminosity around. And the city lights are usually on, which can give your pictures a beautiful effect.

Tipo #2: Shoot from high points

Shooting cities is very similar to shooting landscapes, but there’s a major difference: there are people, cars, houses. Usually, if you shoot your cityscapes from a low location some people or cars or houses will appear in the foreground of your pictures.

I find it’s best if you find some high location where you can get a full view of your city. It can be a hill, a lookout, or a large building.

Tip #3: Always take your tripod and a hot coffee

You know you need a tripod to take awesome pictures. But with cityscapes – and particularly during the blue hour – you’ll need it even more. So don’t forget to take your tripod!

Also, if you’re going to be taking photos during the blue hour, it will likely be cold out there. Prepare some coffee before leaving your house, it’ll help you stay awake and warm.

Tip #4: Use a cloth and a polarizing filter

If you’re taking pictures from the other side of a window you’re going to need a cloth and a polarizing filter. The cloth will help you clean the window and remove any imperfections that could appear on your photos. The polarizing filter is a must to avoid reflections.

Tip #5: Share your results!

When I started taking cityscapes I was a bit shy about my pictures. But once I started showing them to my family, my friends, and other photographers, I realized I was actually good at it. You should do it as well!